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Swatch Log: Knit Picks Shine Sport

Knit Picks Shine Sport

(click here to watch the video version)




Pre-Wash Gauge

  • LK 150 carriage 4, tension 3
  • 60 sts x 92 rws >> to get 10″ swatch
  • 29.5 sts / 5 in. = 5.9 sts/in.
  • 37.75 rws / 5 in. = 7.55 rws/in.

Wash/Block Method


  • Sink full of cool water, one pump of baby wash, 15-20min.
  • Sink full of cool water, plain, rinse soak
  • Rolled in towel, laid flat


  • Blocked to 10″+
  • Finished Measurements: 11 in. x 12 in.
  • 24.3 sts / 5in. = 4.86 sts/in.
  • 39.0 rws / 5in. = 7.8 rws/in.


  • beautiful drape & sheen
  • summer sweater/hat
  • lace stitch patterns
  • summer lace baby blanket???
  • sport weight is nice but heavy, lighter weight might be nicer



DIY Natural Hair Daily Moisturizing Spray

I’ve had lots of people ask me what I do with my hair. I’ve been natural for nearly ten years now. It’s been a roller coaster and some times have definitely been better than others, but my hair is healthier on its worst day natural than it ever was relaxed.

Now that I’ve experienced heat damage, stress and anxiety shedding, pregnancy, and postpartum, I think I’ve got it together enough to talk about it, and I’ve got TONS to say. It’s a work in progress and I’ll be adding pictures and a video later.

So let’s get started!

First, what’s it good for?

It’s what I use as my Daily Moisturizer, Between Shampoo Refresher, Deep Conditioner, and Detangler. It’s basically everything for hair. I’ve even used it as a skin refresher and moisturizer and it’s a great face spray for before or after you put on your foundation.

What do you put it in?

I bought a clear spray bottle from the Dollar Tree. I think it’s about 500mL. It doesn’t much matter, but I find that size lasts me about a week, which is honestly as often as I care to remake the bottle. It takes no time, but I still don’t really want to do it sometimes, so that works for me. Proportions will vary by bottle size.

How do you make it?


I usually start with about a half teaspoon of vegetable glycerin. It goes counter to everything I ever learned about my hair during my pre-natural life, but vegetable glycerin attracts humidity to your hair. That helps keep your hair moist throughout the day. My hair gets super dry, so I like to have it. Do be careful because it gets pretty sticky if you put too much. A little goes a pretty long way here.

Sealant Oils

Oils help to keep the water stuck to your hair. Any oil you (or your hair) like will do. I’ve used combinations of olive, almond, avocado, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and argan oils. Basically, I use whatever I have available in proportion of how much I have (which is usually also in direct proportion to cost – the more it costs, the less I use). Altogether, I use about 5-6 tablespoons total of sealant oils.

Essential Oils

I usually choose four essential oils: two workers and two fragrances.

My workers are usually tea tree and peppermint and fragrances vary.

Tea Tree or Eucalyptus

Tea tree and Eucalyptus are anti-fungals that work well for keeping my scalp issues at bay. I use about 6-10 drops.


The peppermint is cooling and antimicrobial, and also has a nice fresh smell and tingle that I enjoy. Again, I use about 10 drops.


I’ve used combinations of lavender, patchouli, and lemon. Just put in a few drops of whatever scents you like.


Water is what adds moisture to your hair. Products may try to tell you otherwise. Don’t believe them! Water is it. Use lots of water on your natural hair. I fill my bottle about halfway with water.

Aloe Vera Juice

I fill the bottle the rest of the way with aloe vera juice. It’s slightly acidic, so it helps close the hair cuticle which helps lock moisture into the hair follicle and makes your hair look shiny.

Use what you have

I tweak based on what I have and what my hair needs each week. It’s super easy and cheap.

How do you use it?

Before Bed

I give a quick spritz to each section when I finger-detangle and twist for bed at night. I also spray through a couple of spots on my scalp and massage it in with my fingertips.

Before or After Washing Hair and Deep Conditioner

I get the hair nice and damp with the spray and put on a shower cap AND a silk cap. I leave it on for a few minutes before washing to overnight when my hair has gotten really dry.

Between Washes

Ideally, I wash once a week, but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a loooong time between washes. When it’s been a while, I spritz my scalp generously and massage it through. It helps get rid of any dry scalp and lifts any build up.

And that’s it!

This spray takes care of 90% of my hair product needs on a regular basis, so I don’t have many other products. When I have used products, I’ve found I don’t get nearly as good results as when I only use the spray regularly.

I hope that helps! I’ll be posting about other things that I’ve found helpful for taking care of my natural hair. Let me know if you have any questions down below, or let me know what things you’ve found work really well for your hair (or don’t)!



No promises

Let’s keep it simple this time. This will be my maker’s notebook. I’ll keep ideas, sketches, process, progress, and notes. I’m hoping that by writing things down in one place in a simple and practical way, I can use my notes to learn and improve the things I make.